About Dornröschen Wolle

Dornröschen-Wolle is a small indie yarn dyers based in the noth of Germany. 
It started in 2005 and I love love love it.
I am Christine Geibmother of 3 childern, owner of Dornröschen-Wolle.

At my workplace there is the perfect atmosphere for all the ideas I need to dye my yarn.

I dye naturel fibers - 2 yarns for socks and 3 differnd Merinowoolyarns.

And differnd spinning fibers.

1-001   1-02  1-04

My dye lots are small, usually 1 or 5 or 10 skeins per lot. I use water, colours and white vinegar.

After the dyeing process I wash the yarns thoroughly in wool washing detergent.

I use the wind for drying.

  07   1-04   1-04

From than on the yarn is ready and waiting for you.

Please enjoy my handdyed yarns and knitt your world colourfull.

Warmest regards Christine